Miss Brenda Lee

Jul 28, 2018

Miss Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee is a woman that has been through HELL AND BACK! She is a Performing Arts Instructor extraordinaire! She is the founder and owner of Brenda Lee’s Dance Studio & Performing Arts Academy in Philadelphia. She has taught & influenced the lives of two generations of youth and adults in the Tri-State area. She is a Mother of three children and a stepson but is looked upon as a mother figure to countless other inner-city youth.

Brenda was once known as “Pastor Brenda” in the ministries she pastored. Her and her now ex-husband ran two ministries together one in Philadelphia and North Carolina.

Brenda home schooled three of her children and is proud of all of them and their success. One of her sons recently graduated Law school and the other graduated ministry college. Her daughters both work on different sides of the arts ad entertainment industry; her oldest daughter is a fitness trainer and Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2014 and she attends college and her youngest daughter is a Professional stylist and has started doing hair and makeup for public figures and entertainers. Brenda Lee can see part of herself in all of her children and they have been the comfort, joy & strength of life after being divorced.

Before she was a mother and wife Brenda Lee was a public figure herself! A graduate of the Philadelphia’s FAME school, Brenda Lee went on to graduate with honors from the University of the Arts on the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia. She also attended JAMISON SCHOOL OF MINISTRY for her Master’s Degree in Theology & Nouthetic counseling. After which she was blessed to obtain a Doctorate in Ministry from Dr. Jamison, himself. In addition to her college success she also was a triple-threat (sing, dance and act) entertainer. She won Miss Black Pennsylvania, did several walk-ons for soap operas, she was Miss Black Pennsylvania, she had a hit single in the northeast, “you said it you know it,” featuring Flavor Flav produced by Flem Brown, and these are just some of her accomplishments.

Brenda Lee is still residing in Philadelphia, PA and is working on the revamping process of her dance and performing arts studio. Brenda Lee is also a PA Certified teacher and works a full time job in education.

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